About Us

Scuba Trek Divers is focused on your overall diving success!  We give you thorough training and instruction that will make you a more secure and safe diver, allowing scuba to be more enjoyable for you!

Scuba Trek LLC was initially created by Katie and Jon Kline to be a scuba instruction and travel company that catered to area scuba divers looking for quality professional dive instruction and scuba travel trips to exotic and beautiful locations planned and led by dive professionals!  Now we offer a full service dive shop in Punta Gorda Florida.

Katie and Jon Kline are our founders and trailblazers. They have extended and are growing the Scuba Trek brand and family in Western Florida. Katie and Jon have developed incredible scuba travel relationships with our scuba community and will continue to offer travel in conjunction with our northern location. We are excited for our expansion into the Florida area.

Katie Kline started diving in 2003, and fell in love with it! She met her husband, Jon, on a dive trip to Key Largo in 2011 and they both wanted the "dive life". They talked then of having a dive travel and training business. After working in conjunction with several shops over the years, they decided to take the first leap for their future to get their PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor (OWSI) Certification. Katie earned her Master Scuba Diver Training (MSDT) rating in 2014 and, also in 2014, she earned PADI Elite 100, for over 100 diver certifications in a year. In 2015, Katie earned her IDC Staff Instructor Certification in 2015 and PADI Elite 100 for a second year.  In September of 2016, Katie earned her PADI Master Instructor Rating.

Jon Kline started his scuba journey after taking a Discover Scuba course while serving in the US Navy in 1990. Jon worked his way through certification courses until he attained his first professional rating as a Dive Master.  During that time and over the next 10 years, he ran a few trips and assisted with classes for the then "Harrisburg Scuba Center".  In 2005 he joined Harrisburg River Rescue as a Search and Recovery Diver.  In 2011 Jon took his PADI IDC, Instructor Development Course, and Instructor Exams Jon optained his MSDT in April in 2015 and is currently working on obtaining his captiains license.